A Virtual Reality Short Film by Rick Wang



Once upon a time, a little girl found a broken pine cone. She cherished it a lot. Her mom made a room in her favorite garden for this little girl to grow the pine.

Years passed, as the pine tree growing taller in the corner, the little girl lost her sight little by little because of illness. Being stuck in bed, she never had seen the world since then.

One day, just like Mom holding her hands, walking step by step with her, she no longer felt scared. She knew it by heart -- those dark days are over.


cast & crew.

Mom / Mami Ku
Little Girl / Martine
Bunny / A-bao
Director & Producer: Rick Wang
Executive Producers: Ying Ting Lien, Lugia Su
Production Administration: Nancy Chen
Director of Photography: Chung Lun Wu
Assistant to D.P.: Winnie Cai
Music “Little Wishing Star” by Peggy Hsu
Composer / Lyricist / Arranger / Producer: Peggy Hsu
Violin: Shuon Tsai
Cello: Hang Liu
Recording Engineer: Lugia Su, Peggy Hsu
Mixing Engineer: Eric Chen
Recording and Mixing Studio: Wonder Studio
Production Designers: Meng Han Li, Yen Ni Liu
VR System Operator / Editor / Colorist: Rick Wang
Chief Lighting Technician: Che Yang Liao
Grip: Wei Jen Lai, Chen Yung Ching
Electrician: Shan Ping Han
3D Supervisor: Rick Kung
2D Artist and Title Design: Meng Han Li
Make-up Artist: Wei Chin Chan
Hair Stylist: Halu Huang, King Shih
Assistant to Hair Stylist (King): Elmo Hsu



director biography.

Rick Wang entered the music business in 2007 as his singer-songwriter wife, Peggy Hsu’s manager. He directed many video clips and music videos of bands, such as Wonfu and Tizzy Bac, from his record label. Rick directed his first 3D 360 VR short film Vision (2018) and had been selected for Busan International Film Festival, Guanajuato Film Festival, Utah Film Festival, Vancouver Virtual Reality Festival.. He was a pioneer in VR production by shooting storytelling music short films, which also brought him huge attention from VR labs and tech media companies around the world.


press kit.

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